WisDems: BREAKING: On Juneteenth, Eric Hovde equated Black culture to “homeless shelters for abandoned kids” in Africa

MADISON, Wis. — Today, Heartland Signal uncovered comments made by Eric Hovde at Milwaukee’s Juneteenth Celebration where he suggested he understands Black culture because he has spent time in Africa and runs “homeless shelters for abandoned kids” there. Hovde made these comments during a recorded interview with 101.7 The Truth radio. These comments come as Hovde faces increasing scrutiny for repeatedly insulting Wisconsinites, including Hovde blaming Black mothers for societal problems and using racist stereotypes that demonize Black women.

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Ben ‘Jammin’ Hooks: “Is there anything that you’re going to take away from this that you didn’t know about Black culture before that, you know of today.”

Eric Hovde: “Look, I’ve spent a lot of time in Black culture. And as Tory knows, I’ve spent a lot of time in places like Africa, because I have homeless shelters for abandoned kids and rescuing kids out of-out of the streets.”

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