Wisconsin Conservative Coalition: Releases 2023-24 Legislator Scorecard

The Wisconsin Conservative Coalition (WCC) released on July 1, 2024 its 2023-2024 Northeast Wisconsin State Legislator Scorecard. Fourteen members of the Assembly and six members of the Senate representing Northeast Wisconsin were rated on how they voted on ten key bills.
The WCC, a coalition of three patriot groups in Northeast Wisconsin, developed the scorecard to record how elected officials vote on bills concerning key conservative issues and then to share that information with its members and the interested public. Votes are scored according to their support for seven principles defined and explained in a document titled “Scorecard Values” that is available on the WCC’s website.
The WCC Scorecard Committee identified 88 bills that were considered by the Wisconsin State Legislature in 2023 and 2024 and addressed topics important to conservative voters. WCC’s board of directors voted on which bills to include, eventually narrowing the list to about 20 bills. Ten of those bills failed to meet WCC’s requirement that they receive recorded floor votes in both chambers of the legislature. For the remaining ten bills, WCC used the official roll call vote tallies as they appear on the website of the legislature at
To determine the 2023-24 scorecard rating, 10 points were earned for each conservative vote (designated by a C), and no points were awarded for a liberal vote (indicated by an L). Each failure to vote (recorded as a Z) earned three points. Thus, a legislator voting conservative on eight votes, liberal on one, and failing to vote on another, would receive an 83% conservative rating.
One legislator scored a perfect 100% conservative rating this year: Sen. Andre Jacque representing the 1st Senate District (De Pere). The next best scorers each received 80% ratings: Rep. Joy Goeben (5th District), Rep. Nate Gustafson (55th District), Rep. Shae Sortwell (2nd District), Rep. Paul Tittl (25th District), Sen. Robert Cowles (2nd District), and Sen. Eric Wimberger (30th District).
Nearly every Republican voted conservatively on seven of the ten bills WCC scored, but most voted liberal on three bills: SB 488 (approving Gov. Evers’ partisan legislative redistricting map), AB 438 (a huge taxpayer subsidy to the Milwaukee Brewers), and SB 894 (a taxpayer subsidy to BioForward, Inc., whose members use fetal tissue and organs for commercial purposes).
Two legislators, both Democrats, were the biggest losers in this year’s scorecard. Rep. Kristina Shelton representing the 90th District (Green Bay) scored an abysmal 20% and Rep. Lee Snodgrass representing the 57th District (Appleton) scored an even worse 10%.
Shelton and Snodgrass voted against tax cuts, against increased funding for school choice programs, and against election integrity. They voted for product bans in the name of “climate change,” for allowing biological males to play on girls sports teams, and for allowing dangerous and irreversible gender transition surgery on minors.
The Wisconsin Conservative Coalition (WCC) has three member organizations: Fox Valley InitiativeNortheast Wisconsin (NEW) Patriots, and Wolf River Area Patriots. In addition to producing the scorecard, each group hosts monthly events with speakers and opportunities to meet elected officials.

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