Shankland in 3rd CD ad says she has know-how to ‘stop bad ideas’

Dem 3rd CD candidate Katrina Shankland launched a new TV ad saying she has the know-how to stop a national abortion ban and “attacks on our democracy.” 

The 15-second spot, “Stop Sign,” is the third ad from Shankland in the race so far. Shankland’s campaign did not immediately respond to a WisPolitics inquiry seeking more information about the buy. 

The ad shows the state rep from Stevens Point standing outside, in front of an ATV. 

“I know how to get things moving in the State Capitol. But in Congress, I’ll also have the experience to stop bad ideas like the national abortion ban and stop attacks on our democracy,” she says. “I’m Katrina Shankland, and I approve this message because our freedoms are on the line.”

Shankland is competing in an Aug. 13 Dem primary to determine who will go up against U.S. Rep. Derrick Van Orden, R-Prairie du Chien, in the fall.

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