Sen. LeMahieu: Wisconsin Supreme Court continues to ignore the law to benefit Democrats

Madison– Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu (R-Oostburg) issued the following statement  after the liberal majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled to allow the use of absentee  ballot dropboxes despite a previous prohibition: 

“The Democratic Party used out-of-state money to buy a majority of the Wisconsin Supreme  Court, and they used it to obliterate ballot security on the eve of a tightly-contested  presidential election. 

“The Court chose to announce the liberal majority’s ridiculous ruling on Friday the fifth of  July, while Wisconsin families were busy celebrating the freedoms our judicial system is  supposed to protect. 

“This decision was not made based on the laws of our state. It was made despite the laws of  our state to help Democrat operatives subvert common-sense election security measures.” 

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