Poll: Undecided voters could tighten Wisconsin race for U.S. senate | Wisconsin

(The Center Square) – A new poll shows the race for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin could tighten if undecided voters break for the Republican challenger.

The Marquette Law School poll released Wednesday afternoon shows Democratic incumbent Sen. Tammy Baldwin leads Eric Hovde 52% to 47% in both registered and likely voters.

However, the poll – which was conduced June 12-20 – showed 17% undecided when allowed to select. In that question, Baldwin leads Hovde even more substantially, 45-38, but the undecideds are greater than the lead.

Among registered voters, Baldwin is at 1 net favorability with 45% having a favorable opinion and 44% an unfavorable opinion. In contrast, Hovde’s ratings are at -9 net favorability, with 23% having a favorable and 32% an unfavorable view.

Baldwin has centered her campaign on abortion and IVF access, health care affordability, gun violence and student debt relief. 

Hovde has focused on the economy, national security in foreign policy and immigration and health care system reform.

According to the poll, the most important issues for registered Wisconsin voters are the economy at 31%, immigration and border security at 19% and abortion at 15%. Medicare and social security were ranked as most important by 12% of of those who responded.

The two candidates are scheduled to debate Oct. 18.

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