One Dish: The Iceberg at the Muskellounge – Isthmus

During a recent bike ride stop at the Muskellounge in the Lake Edge Shopping Center on Monona Drive, I watched the bartender top off a pint of Hamm’s with a healthy dollop from the margarita slushy machine. Fellow patrons informed me that the drink is called The Iceberg and it is not on the menu, so ordering one may come along with a little humorous gatekeeping from the staff. 

The frozen margarita gradually melts into the beer, keeping it cold and improving the flavor of the Hamm’s (no hate!). And it nicely accompanies the bar’s Tackle Box, packed with summer sausage, cheese and crackers. I plan to order one again when the thermometer climbs north of 90 degrees and citrusy refreshment is just what I’m looking for.

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