Jarrod Anderson campaign: Alderman Jonathan Brostoff endorses Anderson for State Assembly District 19

Brostoff represented the 19th Assembly District from 2015-2023

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Alderman Jonathan Brostoff endorsed Jarrod Anderson today for State Assembly District 19, emphasizing Jarrod’s progressive credentials and the strong advocacy he will bring to Madison.

“A true progressive has to be able to make progress. If we’re going to expand Badgercare, protect women’s health, and save our environment, we need to get the majority”, said Brostoff. “There’s only one candidate in this race who will help us win back the legislature – Jarrod Anderson. Jarrod is the true progressive in this race and he has my full support.”

“I am incredibly proud to receive Alderman Brostoff’s endorsement. His support is especially meaningful because he served the 19th District with dedication and distinction for eight years. Jonathan knows what this job entails, and having his confidence means a great deal to me. I am committed to continuing his legacy of effective, progressive leadership and working tirelessly for our community,” said Jarrod Anderson.

Jarrod’s campaign focuses on critical issues such as healthcare access, strong public education, and public safety. As a healthcare attorney working to expand Obamacare access, Jarrod has dedicated his career to advocating for affordable, high-quality healthcare. His leadership at Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative and the establishment of its charitable foundation have directly supported local programs addressing medical debt, supporting survivors of human trafficking, and expanding healthcare services.

Jarrod and his wife live on Milwaukee’s lower East Side. The Democratic Primary election for State Assembly District 19 will take place Tuesday, August 13, 2024. To learn more about Jarrod’s campaign, visit

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