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No, I am not talking about the ubiquitous khaki slacks favored by yuppies and climbers…I am talking about CHristians In Name Only. In an era when presidential candidates are hawking autographed Bibles, school boards want to mandate Bible courses in public schools, state legislators want to require the Ten Commandments in all public buildings, and elected officials, candidates, and minor political celebrities everywhere are stating that the United States is a Christian nation (it isn’t)…I suggest that any and every interview of individuals in this class be asked this question:

Where did you spend this past Easter Sunday?

And no, I don’t want an answer of a secular nature. I don’t want to hear about your Easter family dinner or that you stayed on the Hill to get important work done, etc. I want to know where you attended sunrise service to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior. I want to know if you took communion in memory of the sacrifice He made on Good Friday.

And yes, until very very recently I would have declared these questions out of bounds. It is none of my business what faith you hold or how you profess it or how you practice it. That is between you and your divinity. Except when you wave it in my face…it is now in the public forum and open for discussion. So, do you walk the walk or are you a CHINO?

And remember even Christ warned us about the overly pious who make great public declarations about their faith. He didn’t have a positive feeling about it.

otoh: there used to be a common truism back in the day among the regular attendees at Sunday services, that you had better got to church early on Easter and Christmas if you wanted to get a seat. I don’t remember the nickname for these twice annual attendees…and we didn’t have a term like CHINOs yet.

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