DNC: Launches 57 branded buses in MKE that make stakes of 2024 election clear ahead of Republican National Convention

Hey all – Ahead of the Republican National Convention kicking off next week, the Democratic National Committee is going on the offensive early – rolling out seven new bus wraps that will run on 57 buses around Milwaukee; making sure voters in every corner of Milwaukee know President Biden is fighting for them as Trump and extreme Republicans prepare to descend on the city – which Donald Trump described as ‘horrible.’

This November, our economy, our rights, and our very democracy are all on the line. The bus wraps will hold Trump accountable for his attacks on Americans’ reproductive rights, Social Security and lowered prescription drug costs, while reminding Wisconsinites that Trump is a convicted felon who cost the state good-paying jobs. 

DNC Communications Director Rosemary Boeglin released the following statement:

“Ahead of the Republican National Convention, Democrats are making sure that Wisconsinites and all Americans understand that if Trump wins, America loses. This year, the survival of our democracy is on the ballot, along with protections for fundamental freedoms, health care, affordable prescription drugs, and good-paying jobs. There’s just one candidate who will protect them: President Joe Biden. While Trump, a convicted felon, selfishly campaigns to benefit himself, President Biden is looking out for us. President Biden has Americans’ backs, and we’ll have his when we send him back to the Oval Office for four more years this November.” 

Find the creative of the bus wraps below: 

To coordinate coverage of the 57 buses on the ground, please reach out!

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