Dept. of Health Services: Launches maternal and child health needs survey to gather community feedback

Wisconsinites are invited to help shape future family health programs

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) invites state residents to share information about family health in their communities to help influence the priorities and focus of maternal and child health programs in the state. The Maternal and Child Health, Title V Needs Assessment Survey is part of a comprehensive, statewide assessment the DHS Maternal and Child Health Program conducts every five years as part of federal Title V funding.

“Your voice is critical. We need to hear from people across the state so that we can better understand the needs and challenges related to maternal and child health, and then shape future policies and programs that will support the well-being of families in communities statewide,” said Dr. Jasmine Zapata, Chief Medical Officer and State Epidemiologist for the Bureau of Community Health Promotion in the DHS Division of Public Health. “Together, we can build a healthier future for all Wisconsin families.”

The confidential survey covers a range of topics, including prenatal care, access to health care services, maternal mental health, child and infant health, birth outcomes, and community resources, and will be open into September 2024. DHS will use information shared to identify current community strengths, partnerships, and areas where people need more support to improve the health of mothers and children in Wisconsin. The goal is to hear from people from all backgrounds and parts of our state, as well as those most impacted by future family health improvement efforts and experiences.

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