Biden-Harris campaign: Wisconsin leaders & workers call out Donald Trump for raising costs and hurting unions ahead of the presidential debate

Today, ahead of tomorrow’s presidential debate, Wisconsin Democrats and labor leaders held a press conference slamming Donald Trump’s record of economic failure and holding him accountable for breaking his promises to unions and working Wisconsinites.
Time and again, Donald Trump has sold out working Wisconsinites to benefit his billionaire friends. Under Donald Trump, Wisconsin lost over 83,000 jobs—including 6,000 manufacturing jobs—and he has no plan to lower costs or bring jobs back to the Badger State. Trump is running on an agenda that caters to the ultra-wealthy and big corporations by making his 2017 tax scam permanent, undercutting unions, and raising costs for families across Wisconsin.
Where Donald Trump failed Wisconsin, President Biden has delivered a once-in-a-generation transformational investment in American infrastructure—an investment that is creating jobs across Wisconsin and rebuilding our aging roads and bridges. President Biden took on Big Pharma to cap out-of-pocket prescription drug costs and the cost of insulin at $35 per month for people on Medicare. The Biden-Harris administration is building an economy that works for everyone while Donald Trump is focused on building an economy that only works for himself.
Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler speaking at the press conference
“Tomorrow, when Biden and Trump meet on the debate stage, Wisconsinites will be reminded how Donald Trump talked big and failed to deliver for Wisconsin. In every metric you look at, you can see how President Biden has followed through on his promises, how he’s over-delivered and Trump talked big and then did nothing,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler. “No one understands the stakes in this election better than working Wisconsinites. We lived through Scott Walker’s attacks on unions. We watched as Donald Trump celebrated investments and promised things that never actually happened. And we know the truth. The truth is that Donald Trump doesn’t care about working Wisconsinites.”
“In 2018, Donald Trump came to Wisconsin and went to a site called Foxconn. He guaranteed 13,000 jobs and said that that plant would be open and that employment would happen. His promises failed. We saw an empty brown field that had people actually moved from their homes in order to create that site.” said IBEW Local 159 member Dave Boetcher. “But just recently, we actually saw the announcement happening for Microsoft under Joe Biden. There’s already several hundred construction workers there and the plant is expected to employ several thousand people. That’s a distinct difference. You can always claim you will create jobs, but unless you actually see them, they don’t exist.”
“We are so grateful that President Biden took action to lower the cost of insulin to $35. You cannot beat that. And as a person that has lived with diabetes for over 32 years of his life, I am one to say that now that I’m getting into retirement, it’s going to benefit me,” said community health advocate Aaron Perry. “I will never have the opportunity to sit with President Biden and say thank you, but I hope that he sees this because I’m very thankful for that.”

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