Biden campaign: Not so horrible: Violent crimes decrease dramatically in Milwaukee under President Biden

Today, Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman, Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson, and Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention Director Ashanti Hamilton announced that across Milwaukee, homicides are down 18% and nonfatal shootings are down 29% from this time last year, in addition to fewer vehicle thefts and aggravated assaults reported. The announcement comes after President Biden delivered $40 million to Milwaukee to pay new officers and increase the number of dispatchers to handle more 911 calls – and signed into law the most significant bipartisan gun safety legislation in nearly 30 years.

While President Biden has overseen a dramatic decrease in homicides in Milwaukee as he provided historic investments for community safety programs and increased funding for police, Trump oversaw a 33% rise in homicides and a 20% rise in violent crime in Wisconsin and tried to cut federal funding for the police as president.

Not so “horrible” city

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported today:

  • “Five days before the Republican National Convention begins in Milwaukee, midyear crime statistics show major crimes are down, a point at odds with a recent statement by the presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, who recently referred to Milwaukee as a ‘horrible city.’”
  • “Given the state of crime in Milwaukee, [Milwaukee Police Chief] Norman said he wouldn’t use the word ‘horrible’ to describe his hometown. ‘I understand the beauty of this city,’ he said. ‘I understand there’s so many different things that is offered, … whether it’s enjoying the water, whether it’s enjoying our culture, heritage in regards to different food offerings, whether we want to enjoy the arts, enjoy parks that are nationally recognized. I love this city.’”
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