Behind the Isthmus cover: June 2024 – Isthmus

Isthmus’ annual tradition of putting together a SummerTimes issue has its challenges. 

“It is the most design-intensive issue of the year for us, and I rely on our monthly cover artist to not only create an inviting front page illustration, but also some branding and spot illustrations,” says Isthmus art director Tommy Washbush. “As the art director for the Wisconsin Film Fest, Christina King is somebody I’ve worked with numerous times, and knew I could trust her to handle all the components required to deliver a cohesive package.”

King, who is based in Madison, calls herself a “busy body,” who is happiest when active — running, hiking, drawing and gardening. But, she says, she also has an “unhealthy obsession with chairs” and can often be found sitting in one chair while painting the other. And yes, she has two vintage lawn chairs in her collection so her cover illustration should not come as a surprise. “What better way to illustrate summer than by glorifying the humble, common lawn chair?” she asks. See more of her work on Instagram

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