WisDems: Round up: Rep. Jill Billings and community leaders call on Wisconsinites to vote no on amendments

MADISON, Wis. — Yesterday, Representative Jill Billings joined La Crosse small business owner Penny Fassler and ARPA funding recipient Andrew Rasmussen at a press conference in La Crosse urging Wisconsinites to vote ‘NO’ on two misleading and risky constitutional amendment ballot questions placed on the August 13 primary ballot by right-wing politicians in Wisconsin’s Legislature. 

See what Wisconsinites are hearing about the misleading constitutional amendments:

NEWS 8000: Rep. Jill Billings was in La Crosse Tuesday encouraging the community to vote “no” on two constitutional amendment questions on the next primary ballot. Billings along with small business owners expressed opposition to Amendments 1 and 2 that will be on the August 13 ballot. Billings says giving the legislature sole power over critical funding would delay small businesses from getting the relief they need in times of crisis. “If these constitutional amendments would pass, that would stop our ability to address those situations where we know we need swift action by state government,” said Billings. La Crosse business Vision of Light Stained Glass and the nonprofit BLACK expressed their support of voting “no” on the two amendments. 

WEAU: Penny Fassler has owned Vision of Light Stained Glass in La Crosse for almost 20 years. She says she doesn’t want small businesses like hers to be left without funding in times of crisis. “In 2020, they sat on the sidelines while we waited for support, and we can’t trust them to do right by our businesses next time we need help. Small businesses rely on each other to succeed. When one storefront goes dark, the entire community feels it,” says Fassler. “Those members of the legislature shouldn’t be able to stand in the way of what the public needs to get relief. They shouldn’t be able to stand in the way of business owners of nonprofit organizations that serve our communities,” says Rep. Billings. 

WIZM: During a news conference outside a 4th Street business Tuesday, state Assembly Rep. Jill Billings (D-La Crosse) said the amendments are deceptive and could give Republicans in the legislature more power to control funding. “I’ve seen how Republicans can’t even distribute state monies properly,” Billings, speaking outside the Vision of Light stained glass shop, said. “And they want us to allow them to have sole control now over all federal monies, in all situations, by constitutional amendment?” […] Among community organizations, which would be affected by the constitutional amendment changes, is Black Leaders Acquiring Collective Knowledge (BLACK) in La Crosse. Board member Andrew Rasmussen said the group wants federal funding protected. “Our funding helped over 60 students and staff expand their world view through summer experience programs that focused on academics, cultural identity and history, college and career readiness, and mental health,” Rasmussen said.

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