WisDems: Questions Eric Hovde needs to answer about his bank taking foreign money

MADISON, Wis. — This morning, news broke that Eric Hovde’s bank is holding millions of dollars in deposits by foreign governments and banks, all while he refuses to give up ownership of his bank if elected to the Senate.

Hovde owning his bank while that bank is taking millions of dollars from foreign banks and foreign governments raises serious questions if he were to be elected to the U.S. Senate: 

  • Which foreign governments did his bank take money from, and why did his bank start accepting money from those governments just as he was launching his Senate campaign?
  • If Hovde were to become a U.S. Senator, would he use his new position to try to entice new foreign governmental clients and give preferential treatment to the foreign governments and banks propping up his bank? 
  • Did Hovde solicit or encourage these foreign dealings?
  • Would foreign governments be able to deposit money in Sunwest Bank to gain favor with Hovde? 
  • Does Hovde think it is OK for U.S. Senators to profit off of foreign governments?
  • As owner, Chair, and CEO of Sunwest Bank, why did Hovde allow and/or direct his bank to take deposits from foreign governments and banks?
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