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(The Center Square) – The majority of “very enthusiastic” Wisconsin voters support former President Donald Trump, and almost all of them say they will vote this fall, a new poll shows.

The Marquette Law School poll released Wednesday afternoon revealed in a matchup between President Joe Biden and Trump, the candidates were tied 50-50 among registered voters.

When allowed to select, 12% of registered voters identified as undecided, resulting in a 44-44 tie between Biden and Trump.

While the presidental results are tight, there is a wide disparity in enthusiasm among supporters.

“Enthusiasm plays a role in this as well, and that’s where Democrats are really suffering…you can see the pieces that are at work between enthusiasm and vote choice, and between enthusiasm and likely turnout,” Director of the Marquette Law School Poll Charles Franklin said.

Only 46% of registered voters identified as “very enthusiastic'”about the general election, and 14% said they were “not at all enthusiastic.”

Ninety-eight percent of very enthusiastic voters said they are absolutely certain to vote this fall, versus 67% of not at all enthusiastic voters.

Of the very enthusiastic voters, 61% support Trump, whereas 65% of not at all enthusiastic voters support Biden. This means that Biden’s strongest support comes from the least enthusiastic voters who are less likely to vote this fall, something Franklin said is problematic for Democrats.

“Biden has failed to inspire his supporters, they’re unenthusiastic about him and his campaign, and they’re much less likely to vote than those who are very enthusiastic, who vote overwhelmingly for Trump,” Franklin said.

The Marquette Law School Poll survey was conducted June 12-20, interviewing 871 Wisconsin registered voters, with a margin of error of +/-4.6 percentage points. The partisan makeup of the sample is 31% Republican, 29% Democratic and 40% independent.

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