Poll: Wisconsin voters divided on Trump conviction, appropriate sentencing | Wisconsin

(The Center Square) – Wisconsinites hold a wide variety of opinions on former President Donald Trump’s conviction, a recent Marquette Law School poll shows.

Despite Democrats making up only 29% of respondents, 55% of registered Wisconsin voters think Trump is guilty, while 36% believe the jury decided wrongly and 9% are unsure. Half of voters believed prosecuting Trump was the right thing to do, versus 42% who did not and 8% undecided. However, opinions still fell largely among party lines, with Independents split.

The partisan makeup of the sample was 31% Republican, 29% Democratic and 40% independent.

Trump’s sentence has been delayed, and voters’ views differ on what the penalty should be. While 36% think the former president should serve time in jail, 27% think he should get no penalty at all. Fourteen-percent think he should get probation without jail, 12% think he should pay a fine, and 10% don’t know.

Most voters believe Republicans will retaliate, with 70% of respondents believing Republicans will probably or definitely prosecute Democrats. Seventeen-percent think probably or definitely not, and 12% are unsure.

“So if you just sort of sum this up…54% think he’s guilty, and about 50% think the prosecution was the right thing to do, and that there are some ramifications from the case as well,” Director of the Marquette Law School Poll Charles Franklin said.

The survey was conducted June 12-20, with a margin of error of +/-4.6 percentage points.

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