Poll: Voters think Trump too corrupt, Biden too old to lead | Wisconsin

(The Center Square) – The majority of Wisconsinites believe President Joe Biden is too old and has weak accomplishments, and former President Donald Trump behaved corruptly and has the wrong temperament to lead the country, a recent poll shows.

Marquette Law School polled 871 registered Wisconsin voters on how they perceive the two presidential candidates. The partisan makeup of the sample was 31% Republican, 29% Democratic and 40% independent.

In a six-way presidential matchup, Trump and President Biden received low favorability ratings overall, with Biden at -18 net favorability and Trump at -16.

When asked about combined favorability, none of the respondents viewed both candidates favorably, and 17% of respondents viewed both negatively. Forty-one percent saw Trump favorably and Biden unfavorably, and 39% responded the opposite.

Another question asked voters to agree or disagree on descriptors relating to age, shared values, corruption, accomplishments and temperament of the candidates.

Most registered voters, 76%, say Biden is too old, while 53% say the same of Trump.

Few Wisconsinites think either candidate shares voters’ values, with 43% believing Biden does and 44% believing Trump does.

Regarding corruption, 61% of voters believe Trump has behaved corruptly, while 46% who believe Biden has.

Though both Trump and Biden have touted their achievements in office, 52% of those polled believe Trump has strong accomplishments, and Biden received even less credit, 43%.

Director of the Marquette Law School Poll Charles Franklin said Biden’s results reflects another weakness in his campaign, besides the president’s age.

“Having been president for three and a half years, having failed to convince the public that he’s accomplished a lot…[is] an ongoing advantage for Trump and a weakness for Biden,” Franklin said.

But voters continue to view Trump’s personality warily, with 60% of voters believing Trump does not have the right temperament to lead; 48% believe Biden does not have the right temperament.

The Marquette Law School Poll survey was conducted June 12-20, with a margin of error of +/-4.6 percentage points.

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