DNC War Room: FACT SHEET: President Biden has a vision for Wisconsinites. Donald Trump will leave them behind.

Tonight, President Joe Biden will lay out his vision for America’s future, while Donald Trump tries to run from his disastrous record. The contrast will be clear: our choice this November is between President Biden, who is going to bat for Wisconsin women’s reproductive freedoms, raising wages, and lowering prices on things like health care and prescription drugs, and Donald Trump, who has bragged about overturning Roe and wants to raise prices on everyday Wisconsinites while giving tax breaks to his billionaire friends.  

DNC Spokesperson Addy Toevs released the following statement: 

“Tonight, Wisconsinites will see in stark contrast the difference between a president who fights for their freedoms, and a convicted felon who answers to billionaire donors. In Wisconsin, President Biden has created nearly 180,000 jobs. When Trump was president, he pushed the Foxconn con, promising thousands of jobs that never materialized. President Biden’s vision for America is strong and battle-tested; he has already created hundreds of thousands of jobs, lowered costs on health care and prescription drugs, and fought for women’s reproductive rights. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is ‘proud’ of overturning Roe and endorses a tax plan that would raise costs on working families once again. He even has said time and time again how much he hates Milwaukee. Well, Donald – the feeling is mutual. Tonight, the future of this nation will be laid out in front of us, and Joe Biden’s vision will win.” 

President Biden is lowering costs for Wisconsin families.

  • Reducing inflation with wages and incomes on the rise. 
  • Lowering prescription drug prices and capping insulin at $35 a month for nearly 1.3 million Wisconsin seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries. 
  • Cracking down on price gouging by corporations and hidden junk fees in apartment rentals, credit cards, overdraft and more. 
  • Lowering costs of renting and buying a home. In 2023, more apartments were under construction than any other year on record, which will help keep rents down, and President Biden and Vice President Harris are calling on Congress to provide a $10,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers and people who sell their starter homes and to build 2 million new affordable homes. 
  • Canceled $167 billion in student debt for nearly 5 million borrowers—with a plan to relieve debt for more than 30 million borrowers. More than 44,000 Wisconsinites have received debt relief from President Biden’s plan.
  • Making the super-wealthy and corporations pay their fair share, while ensuring no one earning below $400,000 pays a penny more in taxes—while pushing to cut taxes for many middle-class families. 
  • Lowering energy costs for rural Wisconsinites by expanding access to renewable energy for farmers and small business owners.

Trump would raise costs once again.

  • Trump wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, raising costs for Wisconsinites. 
  • More than 2.4 million people with preexisting conditions in Wisconsin could be denied coverage or charged thousands of dollars more for health insurance coverage. 
  • Over 260,000 people in Wisconsin could pay more, with a middle-class family facing premiums of over $11,000 more
  • Trump tried to gut rental assistance and left a national shortage of affordable housing. Trump and his allies want to make it harder for many low and middle-income families to buy a home. 
  • Now, Trump and his allies want to make another try at privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac—increasing a typical household mortgage by around $1,200 a year. 
  • Trump praised his nominees to the Supreme Court for blocking President Biden’s student loan relief plan. 
  • Trump’s signature legislation was a $2 trillion tax law that overwhelmingly benefited the very wealthy and the biggest corporations. Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy worsened the racial wealth gap: a typical Black household got half the cuts of a typical white household. 
  • Now, Trump is doubling down and wants to give billionaires another $3.5 million tax cut apiece, each year—while letting big corporations use special loopholes to pay little to nothing in taxes while raising prices for Americans. 
  • Trump will cut Social Security and Medicare— stating there’s “a lot you can do… in terms of cutting.”


President Biden is creating good-paying jobs.

  • Overseeing the creation of nearly  180,000 jobs in Wisconsin, including over 17,000 manufacturing jobs. 
  • Ensuring millions of salaried workers get paid for overtime they are working—but not getting paid for. 
  • Spurring a small business boom, with over 211,000 new business applications filed in Wisconsin since the start of the administration. 
  • Attracting billions in private sector investments in manufacturing and clean energy in Wisconsin, creating good union jobs across the state. Under President Biden, Georgia-Pacific is expanding operations in Green Bay. Wisconsin’s largest renewable energy plant is being built in Dane County. Ingeteam, the clean energy manufacturer in Milwaukee, will expand operations and start building EV charging stations. Microsoft will build a data center in Racine
  • Thanks to President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, $6.6 billion is headed to Wisconsin to fund 510 projects, creating good union construction jobs. 
  • Improving transportation by fixing bridges like Madison’s John Nolen Drive causeway bridges, investing over $1 billion in upgrades and repairs for the Blatnik Bridge that connects Wisconsin and Minnesota, and replacing the aging I-39/90/94 Wisconsin River bridges in Columbia County on a route that connects Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago—while also providing clean school buses across the state. 
  • Providing clean and safe water across the state by requiring and helping fund the replacement of every lead service pipe in Wisconsin. 
  • Oversaw the fastest rate of union growth in Wisconsin in over 30 years as the most pro-union president in history and the first sitting president to join a picket line. 
  • Helping Wisconsin’s farmers adopt climate resilient agricultural practices and strengthening economic development in rural Wisconsin with millions in federal support. 
  • Connecting everyone in Wisconsin to reliable high-speed internet by 2030.

Trump is bad for jobs and workers. 

  • Under Trump, Wisconsin lost over 82,000 jobs. 
  • In 2019, Trump walked away from overtime protections for 120,000 Wisconsinites resulting in nearly $20 million in lost wages for Wisconsin’s workers in 2020 alone. 
  • Trump repealed a Clean Water Act rule that limited pollution in the nation’s waters and rolled back protections for children exposed to dangerous levels of lead in federally subsidized apartment buildings—including those owned by the Trump family. 
  • Trump, on the side of corporations and billionaires, actively discouraged union membership and promised to veto the PRO Act.

President Biden is working to keep communities safe after crime spiked under Trump. 

  • Overseeing a 20% decrease in homicides in Milwaukee, investing millions to address gun violence through community interventions, mental health support, and more. 
  • Delivering $40 million to Milwaukee to pay new officers, handle more 911 calls, and fund community policing. 
  • Signing the largest bipartisan gun safety legislation in 30 years to expand background checks for those under 21 and more.

Trump doesn’t care about keeping your family safe.

  • Trump oversaw a 33% rise in homicides and a 20% increase in violent crime in Wisconsin.
  • Trump attempted to cut federal funding for the police and is encouraging the police to be more aggressive with suspects. 
  • Trump oversaw one of the largest spikes in gun violence in modern history.


President Biden is fighting Trump’s abortion bans and working to protect reproductive rights. 

  • President Biden is calling on Congress to codify the protections of Roe into law, restoring the freedoms that women relied on for nearly 50 years – and if a MAGA Republican-led national abortion ban landed on his desk, he would veto it.
  • The Biden-Harris administration is fighting to ensure access to emergency medical care and contraception, including emergency contraception and mifepristone.
  • President Biden supports a woman’s right to travel for critical abortion care as more and more women fall victim to MAGA extremists’ draconian abortion bans.

Trump is doubling down on the bans he’s already supported. 

  • Trump has said it over and over again: He’ll back a national abortion ban if elected – which would take away the freedoms of nearly  1.9 million Wisconsin women
  • He “proudly” killed Roe v. Wade and thinks that cruel abortion bans across the country are “working very brilliantly.”
  • Trump left the door open to restricting access to contraception – further proof that he wants to dismantle reproductive health care as we know it.


President Biden is protecting democracy in Wisconsin and abroad. 

  • President Biden is defending voting rights for Michiganders, expanding voter registration, and advocating for the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.
  • In December 2022, President Biden signed the Electoral Count Reform Act into law, which establishes clear guidelines for our system of certifying and counting electoral votes for President and Vice President, to preserve the will of the people and to protect against the type of attempts to overturn our elections that led to the January 6 insurrection.
  • The Biden-Harris Administration remains committed to using every tool at its disposal to protect the right to vote. President Biden has signed an executive order directing an all-of-government effort to promote access to voting.

Trump is the biggest threat to American democracy today.

  • Trump has promised to act as a dictator on “day one.”
  • Trump plans to recruit 100,000 MAGA “election monitors” to work for the Republican Party, many of whom plan to patrol polls in Wisconsin.
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