Biden campaign: ICYMI: Governor Wes Moore rallies Black voters across Wisconsin to reelect President Biden and Vice President Harris

On Sunday, Maryland Governor Wes Moore wrapped up his tour across southeast Wisconsin engaging Black voters to reelect President Biden, Vice President Harris and Democrats up and down the ballot. Governor Moore’s two-day tour included a Black men’s health roundtable and a Democratic coordinated campaign office opening in Madison, a Black coalition R&B-themed cookout in Milwaukee, and a Black coalition meet and greet in Kenosha.

Governor Moore reminded voters of Trump’s record of repeated failures for Black Wisconsinites, and his plans to make life worse for Black families if reelected. As president, Trump oversaw a spike in Black unemployment and the Black uninsured rate, he excluded Black businesses from federal loans and widened the racial wealth gap while giving the wealthy billions in tax handouts.

While Trump repeatedly failed Black Wisconsinites, President Biden and Vice President Harris have overseen record small business creation by Black entrepreneurs, lowered health care costs for Black Americans, and forgiven billions in student-loan debt that disproportionately impacts Black borrowers. Governor Moore’s tour is the latest example of the Biden-Harris campaign’s continued efforts to reach Black voters, including the largest and earliest investment in Black media by a reelection campaign to date.

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On the Airwaves:

WITI (FOX – Milwaukee)

Maryland Governor Moore“Someone who’s fighting for our freedoms versus someone who is running for president, who’s fighting for his own freedoms. So for me, this is a very easy choice. It’s a very clear choice. I am all in supporting President Biden.”

WGBA (NBC – Green Bay)

Governor Wes Moore: “I know a lot of the conversation right now is about a debate performance. Can we please talk a little bit about presidential performance?”

WMTV (NBC – Madison)

“On his last stop in Wisconsin — Maryland Governor Wes Moore spoke to one of the more critical voting demographics — Black voters in Kenosha.”

WTMJ (NBC – Milwaukee)

“Moore focused in on Biden’s response to the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore collapsing in March.” Governor Wes Moore: “The president said: ‘Gov., we’re going to be with you every step of the way.’”

WMTV (NBC – Madison)

Governor Wes Moore: “Victory requires unity and that is exactly what we are going to do. We are going to be united because if we stand divided, we cannot win. If we stand united, we can’t lose.”

WKOW (ABC – Madison)

Governor Wes Moore: “I’m here because I know that freedoms are on the line.”


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Biden campaign brings Maryland Gov. Wes Moore to Milwaukee to rally Black voters

[Tamia Fowlkes, 6/30/24] […]

Moore criticized Trump’s comments Saturday, arguing it provided a clear contrast for voters between Biden and Trump. Moore contended Biden’s administration has decreased the racial wealth gap by 60%, created more Black homeownership, created new pathways for entrepreneurship, and offered support for Black-owned businesses.

“That’s the kind of economic support that the president is focusing on, and Donald Trump is talking about ‘Black jobs,’” Moore said. “This is a difference in the value system that these two people have.”


Moore touted the Biden campaign’s Black Voters for Biden campaign that launched at the end of May to spotlight the administration’s efforts on behalf of underserved communities, specifically the allocation of $83 million to replace and repair contaminated lead pipes and reinvestment in infrastructure projects across the state.

The Black Voters for Biden leaders contrast the economic investments by Biden with projects like an unfulfilled Foxconn development deal that was negotiated during Trump’s presidency.

“The lack of consistency we heard from the other side, the lack of honesty that we heard from the other side, the lack of vision that we heard from the other side. That should give everyone pause,” Moore said.


WISN: ‘UPFRONT’ recap: Gov. Wes Moore in WI

[Matt Smith, 6/30/24] […]

“I planned on being here in Wisconsin prior to the debate,” Moore said on WISN’s ‘UPFRONT’ which is produced in partnership with “Nothing that happened during the debate changed my mind or my excitement to get out all over the country, if necessary, and to make the case for why I think President Biden is not just the right person for this moment, but why the work he has done and the vision that he has for that the next four years is one that that I believe in and I think our country is going to benefit from.”


WKOW: Maryland Governor Wes Moore rallies for President Joe Biden in Wisconsin

[Chloe Morissey, 6/29/24] […]

“I’m here because I know that freedoms are on the line,” Democratic Governor Moore said.


FOX 6 News: Maryland Gov. Wes Moore in Wisconsin, rallies for Biden

[Sam Kraemer, 6/30/24] […]

On the last stop of his weekend in Wisconsin, Democratic Maryland Gov. Wes Moore met Black voters in Kenosha with a message of unity.

“If we stand divided, we’re not going to win,” Moore said. “But if we stand united, there’s no way we can lose.”

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