Americans for Contraception: The enormous stakes of contraception rights in tonight’s presidential debate

Madison, Wisconsin—As the nation prepares for tonight’s presidential debate, Americans for Contraception (AFC) underscores the critical importance of contraception rights in the broader struggle for reproductive freedom. With the future of these fundamental rights at stake, it is crucial for voters to hear clear and unequivocal commitments from the candidates on how they will protect the right to contraception.

“Tonight’s debate is not just a political event; it’s a decisive moment for the future of reproductive freedom in America,” said Chris Fleming, spokesperson for Americans for Contraception. “Donald Trump’s history of undermining contraception rights is well-documented. It is imperative that voters understand the significant implications of the candidates’ positions on this issue.”

The Threats to Contraception Rights:

Despite overwhelming public support, contraception rights are under threat from various Republican legislative efforts, Donald Trump, and their extremist allies:

  • Justice Clarence Thomas’s concurring opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson calls for “reconsidering” Griswold v. Connecticut, which established the right to contraception.
  • Multiple states have introduced legislation that could ban IUDs and emergency contraception, reflecting a broader strategy to erode reproductive freedoms.
  • On May 21st, in the lead-up to the Senate vote on the Right to Contraception Act, former President Donald Trump stated he was considering restrictions on contraception and supported leaving the decision to the states. This presents a direct threat to reproductive freedom, especially given that numerous states have introduced legislation that could ban IUDs and emergency contraception
  • The Project 2025 agenda, supported by Trump and his allies, poses a significant threat by aiming to dismantle established protections and reduce access to reproductive healthcare.

Key Points to Listen For in Tonight’s Debate:

As the debate approaches, AFC highlights several critical points for voters to consider:

  • Candidates’ Commitment: Will the candidates explicitly commit to protecting contraception rights and ensuring access to all forms of contraception?
  • Addressing Threats: How will the candidates address the threats posed by legislative efforts to ban certain contraceptive methods and the broader agenda of Project 2025?
  • Healthcare and Economic Policies: What specific policies will the candidates implement to support women’s health and economic security through guaranteed access to contraception?

Key Questions for Trump:

As the debate approaches, AFC encourages the public and the media to consider the following questions for Donald Trump:

  • Is it his personal opinion that IUDs or emergency contraception cause abortion, contrary to medical science?
  • If a state were to ban contraception, would he intervene at the federal level to protect access, or would he uphold his stance on state rights?
  • How would he address concerns that Project 2025, supported by groups with a history of attacking contraception, could severely impact reproductive healthcare and the right to access contraception?
  • He has recently said he supports contraception access, but his administration’s policies, like the Title X gag rule and employer exemptions, directly restricted access to contraception. How does he reconcile these actions?
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